College Survey

College Survey – Summer 2023
Is your school participating in the BroadwayWorld Student Blog Program?
Please indicate which of the following BroadwayWorld products/services you are aware of (whether or not you are currently utilizing them):
Would you be interested in marketing educational content (how to’s, industry best practices, hearing from experts, etc)? If yes, what format would you be most likely to engage with that content?
Are you primarily marketing to audience members for individual productions at your school, or for your program to prospective students?
What is your current average marketing budget per school year (across all channels)?
For an average production, what channels are you currently utilizing in your marketing plan (select all that apply)?
Would you be interested in the return of our BroadwayWorld Student Showcase for graduating seniors?
Would you potentially be interested in the following services were BroadwayWorld to offer them, assuming cost for the service is not a barrier? Select all that apply.
How large is your program (by number of students with a declared major in your program)?