April 2022 Survey

April 2022
Household Income
Do you have children living with you?
How far out do you generally book tickets?
Are you planning any trips for pleasure over the next six months?
Are you planning any trips for pleasure over the next one year?
Have you bought tickets for a streaming production or concert?
5 being most likely to impact purchase, 1 being least.

What current show promos are helping to drive your decision making and/or desire to return to the theatre?

5 being driving most, 1 being least.

What BWW Site Features Do You Use?

CDs/Books/DVD/Streaming Release Information
Tony Awards
Broadway Show Listings
Regional Show Listings
Message Board
Audition Listings
Industry Section
Student Center
Camp Guide
Streaming Events
Stage Door
BroadwayWorld Shop
Word Game
Stage Mag
On average, how much do you spend on Broadway souvenirs and merchandise per year?
Have you attended BroadwayCon, Broadway’s yearly fan event where audiences can meet and mingle with today’s brightest stars on and off stage?
Radio Buttons
Would you be interested in more BroadwayCon activities being made available throughout the year?